Starling Mechanical Services are the only Hi Tec Bulk oil Dealer and re seller in the Midwest. We supply everything from brake cleaner to ad blue from gear oil to chain lube.

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Hi-Tec Oils is an Australian owned company with more than 200 years of total workforce experience in lubricants.

We are one of Australia’s largest independent oil manufacturer’s, with warehouses in every state and territory of Australia

managed by Hi-Tec Oils staff. Our state of the art blending plant, produce a range of high quality oil products based onour ongoing partnership with leading international base oil and additive suppliers. We only use product’s that meet and exceedthe relevant API, SAE and ISO standards.

Hi-Tec Oils product range include oils for a wide range of automotive, industrial agricultural, transport and heavy equipment

applications (diesel and petrol engine oils, gear oils, automatic transmission oils, coolants and brake fluids and specialty products).Our lubricant range of over 450 line items consists of full synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral oils, greases, specialty products,solvent degreaser, hand cleaner, emergency spill kits and dispensing equipment e.g. grease guns and oil dispensing equipment.

Hi-Tec Oils and specialty products sizes range from 500ml – bulk, grease products are also supplied in sizes 400g – bulk.

Hi-Tec Oil Traders Pty Ltd (trading as Hi-Tec Oils) warrants the quality of its lubricants. Hi-Tec Oils warrants the performance of its lubricants when used in the correct application under the appropriate conditions. Should Hi-Tec Oils’ products or services be the cause of damage to a customer’s equipment, then Hi-Tec Oils will cover the customer for the value of the damage to the customer’s equipment and for incidental expenses incurred (such as recall costs).